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Skinny Cosmo

SkinnyBrands Cosmo

Skinny by name but not by taste! This amazing twist on the classic delivers big on Calorie saving while maintaining everything you already love about a Cosmo. Fresh, Fruity with a kick. But only alcohol will give you that kick here, not Calories! Enjoy this classic Cosmo cocktail chilled straight from the can or easy over ice. Made with Milk Thistle for a happier body!

Contains: Vodka, cranberry, triple sec, milk thistle.

90 calories per can | ABV 5.0%
Skinny Cosmo

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information
per 250ml can
Cosmo Mojito Margarita
Calories 90 Kcal / 343 kJ 90 Kcal / 333 kJ 90 Kcal / 330 kJ
Sugar 1.00g 2.75g 1.75g
Carbohydrates 3.25g 2.75g 2.50g
Fat 0.25g 0.25g 0.25g
Taste – You tell us!
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